Retaining Walls

Project:    Retaining Wall (Vermont St Ponsonby)

Client:    Housing New Zealand

Remediation of Retaining Wall including: Site clearance; Installation of micro-piles; Dismantling stone wall; Rebuilding section of stone wall, Reinstatement of concrete paving at the base of the wall with a formed dish channel; install the new boundary fence; Consents compliance documentation


Project:    Erosion Remediation Works (Howard Hunter Ave, St Johns)

Client:    Auckland Council 

Installation of a 2.6m high timber retaining wall with 325mm SED timber poles at 1200crs. 

Project:    Stormwater Upgrade (Quona Ave, Hillsborough)

Client:    Auckland Council 

Construction of a new timber retaining floodwall to minimise flooding.  Removal of existing wooden pole retaining wall, foundations, boundary fence, concrete channel, catchpit complete. Construction of new wooden pole retaining wall with 900 mm high paling fence.

Project:    Retaining Wall (Peacock St, Glendowie)

Client:    Auckland Council 

Construction of an 8.1m long timber retaining wall, 1.5m above ground level and 3.25m embedded to retain the footpath. The wall included 250 SED H5 poles in 17.5MPa concrete backfilled boreholes. Including planting.