Horizontal Directional

Drilling Projects

Project:  Stormwater Network Extension (Dorset St, Grey Lynn)

Client:    Auckland Council

Construction of 375mm concrete SW pipe and 225mm cesspit leads within the carriageway (length 162m) and associated manholes and catchpits and; Private drainage separation works in 12no’s properties by directional drilling; Rehabilitation of an existing wastewater manhole (originally to be replaced, but Kerry Drainage were able to rehabilitate instead resulting in significant cost savings for Auckland Council)


“The success in this Grey Lynn neighbourhood goes to show the value to Council and to the community – of working with quality contractors (Kerry Drainage) and prioritising community engagement”

Project:    Wastewater Upgrade (Saffron St Birkdale)

Client:    Watercare Services 

Construction of new wastewater pipes and manholes and upgrades to existing wastewater pipes by open cut and directional drilling.  (50% of work in private properties).  Access to sewer line obstructed by swimming pool.  Manhole was hand dug within 1m of the swimming pool; Removal of an overflow from the creek

Project:    Water & Wastewater Servicing (Huapai Reserve, Huapai)

Client:    Auckland Council 

Kerry Drainage utilised directional drilling technique to connect the recreational facilities at the Huapai Reserve to the recently installed public water supply and pressure sewer mains in Huapai township. The works involved provision of mains water supply to the toilet block, decommissioning the bore supply, decommission the existing public toilet treatment and effluent disposal equipment and connecting the wastewater to the public low pressure wastewater system.  Works were completed alongside SH16 and crossed an 11KVa power cable.

Project:    Stormwater Upgrade (Entrican Ave, Remuera)

Client:    Auckland Council  

Construct new manholes for 355&450mm SW pipes by drilling as a dry pipe, leaving existing SW in operation (so Watercare could use as a temporary bypass pumped WW line.).  Replace 2 downstream SW MH’s with 1500mm risers; construct new 450mm downstream SW pipe (open trenching) as new live SW; private connections, existing street cesspits to the new SW system. Disconnect and abandon old public and private SW pipes. Directional drilled up to 20 private connections

Project:    Branch Sewer Diversion Stage 2 (South Lynn and Upper West Lynn, Auckland)

Client:    Watercare Services  

Combination Horizontal Directional Drilling & Microtunnelling - manhole depth 4-11metres.; Works included - Installation of 797m of transmission pipeline (up to 450mm dia PE) via trenchless methods; • Installation of 285m of network pipeline (up to 315mm dia PE) via trenchless methods; • Depth of excavations between 6.0 – 11.0 metres; Connecting lines; • Stream Crossing via drilling & damming creek & monitoring flow; Precast Manhole Installation (transmission manholes, network manholes and connection manholes); Connect to existing manholes; Abandoning existing services and removing six (6) pipe bridges; Vegetation Management; Private Drainage; CCTV & Reinstatement ; Removal of 4 overflows from the creek

Project:    Stormwater Upgrade Works (Quona Ave, Hillsborough)

Client:    Auckland Council   

Installation of 250 mm, 355 mm and 450 mm OD PE80 stormwater pipe by trenchless methods (horizontal directional drilling); Installation of 225 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, and 675 mm dia RCRRJ stormwater pipe by open cut methods; Installation of 1050 mm and 1200 mm dia precast concrete manholes, lids and covers;  Installation of precast concrete megapit, superpits and catchpits, frames and grates; · Removal and construction of wooden pole retaining walls;  Excavation and hauling of material for disposal at a landfill; · Construction of overland flow swales;  Breaking into and re-benching existing manholes;  Installation of 1050 mm dia flat inlet grill cover; Temporary environmental controls