Manhole and Pipe Renewal Projects


Project: Flood Mitigation Works (Lake View Road, Takapuna )

Client: Auckland Council 

Upsizing of the existing pipeline (to 450mm and 600mm diameter SW pipes via trenchless methods), new and upgraded catchpits and manholes, abandonment of old stormwater pipes and associated catchpits plus manholes; Private connections to new stormwater systems 

"We have had works going on over the past seven months on our road in Takapuna. I just wanted to do a big shout out for all your staff involved. They were always friendly, courteous and patient with us as residents, making sure we were inconvenienced as little as possible."

Project: Stormwater Network Extension (Dorset St Grey Lynn)

Client: Auckland Council 

Construction of 375mm concrete SW pipe and 225mm cesspit leads within the carriageway (length 162m) and associated manholes and catchpits; Private drainage separation works by directional drilling; Rehabilitation of an existing wastewater manhole . 


“The success in this Grey Lynn neighbourhood goes to show the value to Council and to the community – of working with quality contractors (Kerry Drainage) and prioritising community engagement”


Project: Stormwater Upgrade / Separation (Morgan/Alma/Clayton St Newmarket)

Client:    Auckland Council 

Private drainage separation works including disconnection of downpipes, stormwater and sewer pipes from combined sewer, new connections to public stormwater and sewer pipelines and abandoning of disconnected pipes; Installation of  new catchpits..

Project: Stormwater Inlet Upgrade Works (Cook & Morton St, Central Auckland)

Client:    Auckland Council 

Installation of 2 megapits and 2 manholes and associated pipework; Regrading of ground; Reshaping of carpark to suit new design contour


“Project was managed well and within planned 20 working days, with consistent update”; “ Proactively managing (the residents') expectations and making sure no dramas.  Extra deep megapits and catchpits connections well done and reinstated to AT’s satisfaction.”


Project: Stormwater Upgrade Stage 2 (Mead St Avondale)

Client:    Auckland Council

Installation of 450m of 1200mm dia concrete pipe by open cut methodology in peat soils, depths of over 4.0 metres, and installation of 200m of 900mm diameter concrete pipe and 100m of 750mm concrete pipe.


Project: Stormwater Upgrade (Hawera Rd, Kohimarama)

Client:    Auckland Council

Construction of 450m of 900mm dia by open cut ; Microtunnelling of 85m of 910mm dia PE pipe by micro tunnelling ; Pipe-jacking 30m of 900mm dia concrete pipe; Inlet structures x 2; 5 cesspits ; 10 manholes in road carriageway and private properties.


Project: Stormwater Upgrade (Entrican Ave, Remuera)

Client:    Auckland Council

Construction of new manholes for 355mm and 450mm SW pipes by drilling as a dry pipe, leaving existing SW in operation (to allow temporary bypass pumped WW line.); Replacement of SW manholes with 1500mm risers; new 450mm downstream SW pipe (open trenching) as new live SW; private connections, existing street cesspits to the new SW system. Disconnection and abandonment of redundant public and private SW pipes. Directional drilled 20 private connections


Project: Stormwater Renewal (Challenger Rd, Long Bay)

Client:    Auckland Council

Replacement of 42m of stormwater pipe by open trenching with 200m3 earthworks.   


Project: Stormwater Upgrade (Henderson Valley)

Client:    Auckland Council

Installation of 2.7m of 525mm diameter pipe, 20m of 560mm diameter pipe, two manholes (2050mm and 1050mm diameter), and one maxipit within the road reserve.


Project: Stormwater Upgrade (Lower Abbotsway, Ellerslie)

Client:    Auckland Council

Open cut installation of 500m of 1950mm concrete pipes up to 5m depth in the road carriageway in difficult ground conditions (weak peat soils with groundwater inflows); construction of an outfall structure in Waitarua Stream including extensive watercourse protection measures, installation of large sized manholes.