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Sewer Diversion by HDD and Microtunnelling, South Lynn

Combination Horizontal Directional Drilling & Microtunnelling – manhole depth 4-11metres. Works included:

  • Installation of 797m of transmission pipeline (up to 450mm dia PE) via trenchless methods
  • Installation of 285m of network pipeline (up to 315mm dia PE) via trenchless methods
  • Depth of excavations between 6.0 – 11.0 metres
  • Connecting lines
  • Stream Crossing via drilling & damming creek & monitoring flow
  • Precast Manhole Installation (transmission manholes, network manholes and connection manholes)
  • Connect to existing manholes
  • Abandoning existing services and removing six (6) pipe bridges
  • Vegetation Management
  • Private Drainage
  • CCTV & Reinstatement
  • Removal of 4 overflows from the creek

Completed: April, 2014


Client: Watercare


Type: HDD

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