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Sewer Separation, Davis Crescent, Newmarket

A recent condition assessment survey of stormwater assets that drain into the Newmarket stream revealed that there is a combined sewer with a direct connection to the 600mm dia. stormwater pipe located behind two commerical properties at Davis Crescent, Newmarket.

A CCTV survey of the stormwater asset showed a build up of fats and raw sewerage present. Nearby commerical tenants were found to be discharging wastewater directly to the 225mm combined sewer. This combined sewer also has catchpits draining to it from Davis Crescent.


a. Separation and reconfiguration of private stormwater and wastewater at two properties in Davis crescent.
b. Installation of a new public 150mm wastewater pipe within the carriageway of Davis Crescent to the existing manhole .
c. Installation of an additional catchpit downstream of the existing kerb outlet in Davis Crescent to capture flows and prevent flooding of the basement car park at a commerical property in Davis Cr.
When the above has been completed the existing 225mm combined sewer will be converted to a dedicated SW asset and all private and public drainage within the 2 commercial properties at Davis Cr will be separated.


Completed: Current


Client: Auckland Council


Type: Sewer Separation

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