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Slip Repair, Barnfield Place

The purpose of this project was to reinstate the existing headwall, provide sound structural strength to it’s base and wings, remove slip material, and construct a gabion wall to prevent further land slips.

The gabions wall consisted of 3 tiers and approximately 10m long; the gabion baskets were expertly constructed with tightly packed rock to minimise deformation. An additional gabion wall (2mx6m) was constructed onsite to prevent another land slip adjacent to the headwall.

This was a challenging project to complete during Winter, whilst dealing with concrete pours in the stream inlet. Our team worked deligently and carefully to ensure all environmental controls were effective. No environmental incidents occured during the rehabilition of the headwall and constuction of the gabion walls.”


Completed: June, 2020


Client: Auckland Council


Type: Slip Remediation

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