Open Trenching

Allows the installation of large diameter pipes in the road carriageway and private properties by open cut methods, through all ground types from peat to hard rock.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of soakage structures including rock caverns, cesspits, pre-cast concrete soakholes, stormwater tunnels, deep soakholes, sand filters, stormwater treatment devices and facilities; cleaning, drilling and testing.  

Directional Drilling

Enables underground trenchless installation of sewer and stormwater under existing buildings, services and across rivers and estuaries.  Environmental and social impact is minimised.

Cartage and Truck Hire

Call Fan on 021-289-1930 to discuss your cartage requirements for our trucks (3 ton tipper, 4 wheeler tipper; 6 wheeler tipper; 8 wheeler tipper; Articulated tipper truck) 

Microtunnelling / Directional Drilling Combination

Is suitable for flat grade trunk wastewater lines and other projects where accuracy of the line is critical, allowing the installation of both PE and concrete pipe.

Retaining Walls

Stone or timber retaining walls for the purpose of mitigating erosion and managing overland flow paths