Soakhole Construction Projects

Project: Stormwater Separation (Three Kings, Auckland)

Client:    Auckland Council

Installation of 12 soakholes up to 4.0m depth; 17 catchpits and 100 metres of 300mm dia concrete stormwater pipe




Project: Soakage Improvements (Vic Cowen Park, Penrose)

Client:    Auckland Council

Construction of new 375mm stormwater pipe (84m) under an asphalt accessway and road carriageway -  construction of soakholes, boreholes and cage filters and Manholes (excavation underneath high voltage transmission cables laid on solid rock; contaminated soils; Level 2 road) 


“Skills and competences in management exceeds requirements at all levels..Kerry Drainage are subject matter experts on soakhole installation..added value with their input.  Kerry Drainage has focussed on bringing new initiatives to the project and adding value by exploring innovative concepts...Risks and opportunities very efficiently managed at all times.  Good customer service outcomes achieved.”




Project: Stormwater Soakage Upgrade (Dominion Rd Mt Eden)

Client: Auckland Council

Construction of boreholes, new soakage structures and cesspits along public roads. Rehabilitation of 20+ existing soakholes; 1050mm dia manholes (x9) ; 1200mm dia manholes (x84) ; 1500mm dia manholes (x36) ; Construction of 129 cesspits and associated pipework ; Drilling of 300 boreholes (depth up to 20m).




Project: Soakage Upgrade (The Drive, Epsom)

Client: Auckland Council

Removal of existing stormwater pipeline and installation of new 300mm and 600mm dia stormwater in depths up to 3.0 metres. New soakholes (1500mm, 1800mm and 3000mm) were installed at 3.0 to 6.0 metres depth. Five soakholes were refurbished and 12-15 new cesspits installed.