Stream & Watercourse Projects

Project:    Stream Erosion Remediation (Howard Hunter Ave St Johns)

Client:    Auckland Council

Stabilisation of the outfall by saw-cutting the apron and installing a cement grouted rip-rap apron; installed rip-rap toe protection at the base of the slump to stabilise the section; install a 24m wooden pole retaining wall to stabilise the section of bank.


Project:    Stormwater Renewal Works (Gilletta Rd, Mt Roskill)

Client:    Auckland Council

Installed 1350mm dia MH over existing outlet structure; 500mm OD PE80 SDR21 pipe including puddle flange & shear band; 600mm dia RCRRJ SW pipe stub; 300mm dia RST filter sock bags; excavate and dispose of excess stream bank/ bed material to generate new stream profile; Abandon catchpits, MHs and pipelines; Supply & plant nominated plant species; Environment Protection Works


“Project was managed well and within planned four weeks of work. Project has been delivered on target budget (no variations).  Kerry Drainage has a very good understanding of works on the environment, work in the stream and within the private property  The eels were removed from stream before the works.”


Project:    Outfall Structure (Mead St, Avondale)

Client:    Auckland Council

The Outfall Structure works included Slope stability at the outfall.; Removal of existing 750mm dia concrete and replace with 1200mm dia concrete; Wingwall and gabion baskets built over existing pipes


Project:    Inlet Structure (Hawera Rd, Kohimarama)

Client:    Auckland Council

Modification of an existing inlet structure ; All hand dug; augering, retaining wall, block wall – all carried in by hand  ; Manufacture and installation of grille . Dealing with constantly flowing creek . Removal and rebuild of boundary fence and timber decking


Project:    Stormwater Upgrade (Vale Rd, St Heliers)

Client:    Auckland Council

The project was carried out in an open watercourse. Dams were installed to protect the waterlife and environment. Geotextile fabric was used to protect the stream.  The works included SW pipes ranging from 225mm – 1600mm RCRRJ by open cut method; 630 OD PE installed by trenchless methods; 1050mm, 1800mm, 2100mm and 2300mm dia precast concrete manholes; 1800mm and 2100mm dia scruffy dome inlet grills; Catchpits and cesspits; Cast-in-situ Reinforced Inlet structures.  Significant Environment protection measures were implemented.


“Site inspections confirm that the works have been completed and the site stabilised in accordance with ARC consent requirements. The site achieved a high level of compliance over the construction period with minimal environmental effects ...”


Project:    Stormwater Upgrade / Retaining Walls Stage 1 and 2 (Francis St, Grey Lynn)

Client:    Auckland Council

Stage 1: Construction of retaining wall and handrail around an outlet structure and Stage 2 Construction of retaining wall built in an open creek (2 sides 20m long to retain the bank) and limited accessibility with trees and vegetation .  Included the removal of trees; temporary piping of the creek while works were completed; and removal of contaminated material (Part of creek was an old Auckland City Council dump)


Project:    Outfall Structure (Ngapuhi Reserve, Remuera)

Client:    Auckland Council

Installation of 450mm outlet pipe, manhole and wingwall and rip wrap around outlet ; Accessibility issues; Kerry Drainage used flow control measures to stop erosion downstream of the works  (hardwood logs anchored into the ground)